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With the right team by your side…

Buying a home can be simple!

We’ve helped hundreds of clients buy and sell homes and one thing is always certain: there are a lot of questions and unknowns, especially if you’ve never bought before or if it’s been several years since you’ve gone through the process!

For the process to be smooth and simple, a home buyer needs a team behind them that is there every step of the way. We love helping our clients buy great homes - that’s why we take the time to work with our clients on an individual basis, to learn their unique lifestyles, needs and desires.

Our clients find that with The Lugos, they have
a committed ally to back their interests fully
and negotiate the best deal on their dream home.

What We Do

  • As your real estate agent, we are there to represent you during your home purchase. Homebuyers should always hire a professional REALTOR® to represent their purchase, negotiate a screamin’ deal, and make sure they are protected during the process.

  • We listen. It’s a big deal to buy a home! We don’t try to sell you on a house — we take the time to understand your lifestyle, and work with you to find the perfect home to fit your needs and wishes. Basically, we’re the matchmakers!

  • We are there every step of the way, from introducing you to a reputable lender, to finding the right home and negotiating a strong offer, all the way through the 30-45 day escrow period. We make sure the deadlines and rules of the contract are followed, schedule inspections and coordinate paperwork, and ensure the process is easy as pie.

  • Need a pro? Just ask! With our experience in the field comes with an arsenal of professional contacts, at your disposal. Need a general home inspector? An HVAC expert? A contractor for a bathroom remodel? We can hook you up with a vetted, tried-and-true professional referral.

  • Do you have an eye for design? Us too. We understand the importance of loving your space, and your new home should be no different. Lean on our remodeling expertise to learn how to make cost-effective updates to your space that will make the home feel like yours, without breaking the bank.


You got questions?

We’ve Got Answers.


Q: Why should I hire a Buyer’s Agent?
You need a professional REALTOR® who understands the purchase contract and requirements in order to protect your interest during a home purchase. Hiring a buyers agent will ensure you have someone knowledgable about the market in your corner, who can help you determine a fair market value for your home of interest, and who can negotiate a strong deal on your behalf.

Q: Why can’t I let a Listing Agent represent me?

A: You could. But, you’d be hiring the very person who’s first duty is to protect the seller. The Listing Agent’s first job is to sell their client’s home for the most money possible - not to protect your interests, or your bottom line.

Q: Do I have to pay a Buyer’s Agent?

A: Typically, no. The Listing Agent almost always pays the Buyer’s Agent at closing. While there are some rare situations where the Buyer’s Agent might rely on you for their commission, this is a case-by-case basis and only occurs after a discussion and an agreement by you.

Q: How long before I want to move into a home should I start the process?

A: Many of our clients begin the pre-qualification process with a lender up to 12 months before their desired move date, in order to get an understanding of the financial obligations of buying a home. Then, you’ll really want to hit the ground running about 3 months before you think you’d like to move in to a new home. It may take a few weeks to find the right neighborhood and choose a home, negotiate an offer, and get the house under contract. Then the escrow process takes about 30-45 days before you get the keys!